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Animal shelter slams the rise in shock collars

Cheltenham Animal Shelter has slammed the use of shock collars having seen a recent surge in dogs wearing them or having worn them in the past.

The shelter says ‘shock collars should never, ever be a part of your pets training’.

The topic of shock collars is widely debated within the pet industry with many discussing their use and whether they work.

The animal shelter claims that even when used correctly the collars can cause stress or in some cases physical harm.

Currently, the collars are banned in Wales but remain legal in England.

A statement on the website says: “We are increasingly seeing these collars used incorrectly too, where the dog is unable to associate the sudden discomfort with the unacceptable behaviour, causing fear and confusion.

“We are now working hard to undo the damage done to the animals that have been signed over to the Shelter, who have been living in fear of shocks and unsure why or when the next one is coming.

“We firmly believe that positive reinforcement is the only effective, long-term training method. Not only is it better for your dog physically and mentally, but it is also far more engaging and rewarding for the you, the trainer.

“It builds a greater bond between you and your pet and can make future training easier as your dog enjoys learning new skills to please you rather than fears the introduction of new commands.”

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