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New goldfish expansion from Tetra

Tetra has expanded its Goldfish food range with its FunTips concept offering an interactive way for owners to feed their fish.

The adhesive tablets stick to the glass or decorative items within the aquarium allowing fishkeepers to get closer to their fish by watching them nibbling away.

Containing shrimp with natural carotenoids to support their colour and a BioActive formula to promote a fully-functioning immune system, Tetra’s Goldfish FunTips provide a fun snack for fish.

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These treats can also be fed as a complete and balanced food thanks to its high-quality ingredients and vital nutrients.

Ashleigh Foster, Tetra marketing manager, says “We’re very excited to be expanding our Goldfish range with our award winning FunTips concept which really boosts interactivity with owners, especially children, by adding extra fun to feeding times.

“At Tetra we work hard to continually innovate so that we are able to provide simple solutions to fishkeepers that allow them to get even more out of their experience.”

Great for in-store demonstrations, Tetra’s Goldfish FunTips are ideal for use in display aquariums allowing potential fishkeepers to engage more closely with the fish.

The new Tetra Goldfish FunTips are available in pouch formats from the end of January 2017 with an RRP of £1.50 for 20 tablets and £4.49 for 75 tablets.

For more information about Tetra please visit or check out Tetra UK on Facebook.


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