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Dorwest Herbs donates pet oxygen masks to Dorchester fire station

Pets living in Dorchester and the surrounding area now have a better chance of surviving household fires, thanks to Dorwest Herbs. The family firm funded new oxygen masks for animals which will be carried by the town’s fire engines.

Dorwest Herbs donated the money for a set of masks to Smokey Paws. The organisation hopes to give pet oxygen masks to every UK First Responder to help family pets in the event of a fire. 

Robbie Tompkins, station commander at Poundbury Fire Station, said: “We’re really grateful to Dorwest for donating the Smokey Paws pet resuscitation kits to Dorchester fire station. Pets are integral members of any family and these kits give us the best chance to make a real difference.”

Jo Boughton-White, managing director at Dorwest Herbs commented: “Pets can become confused and scared in fires and may run off and hide, so when missing animals are found they can often be overcome by smoke, the breathing apparatus aims to give pets suffering smoke inhalation a better chance of survival as they can access pure oxygen while they are being rushed to the vet.

“At Dorwest we know only too well how much our pets mean to us, and so we think this is an essential piece of equipment, and are delighted to be able to donate this to Poundbury Fire Station”.

Lynn Carberry from Smokey Paws said: “Smokey Paws is a not for profit organisation giving lifesaving Pet Oxygen Masks to the UK fire services, it was started to try and help the fire Service save pets.

“The specially designed pet oxygen masks fit from large dogs to small hamsters, snakes and cats. Where a human oxygen mask will give a pet around ten percent oxygen, these pet masks will give the pet 90 percent oxygen, and the best chance of recovery”.  

Smokey Paws is appealing for donations, group fundraisers and company sponsorship in order distribute more lifesaving masks to the fire service. Dorwest urges everyone to get in touch to help save as many pets as possible from house fires. To find out more go to , contact or telephone 07340 754408.


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