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Viral video doubles treat sales

Pooch & Mutt’s video, parodying the John Lewis Christmas advert, has had over one million views and 8.9K shares on Facebook.

Pooch & Mutt has had success combining special edition Christmas products with viral marketing.

The pet company launched two limited edition Christmas dog treats; The ‘Christmas Dinner with No Sprouts’ the ‘Triple-Tier Dog Treat Tin’.

Pooch & Mutt’s founder, Guy Blaskey commented, “I saw that one of the biggest ads of the year featured a dog and knew this was going to be the Christmas year of the dog, and that we had to do something about it.

“We teamed up with a top international production company, writer and director and developed the idea into a mockumentary, inspired by Spinal Tap and The office.

“Our focus was to give people what they wanted; for the audience that meant something that they actively wanted to watch and share, for the little girl that meant getting on the trampoline and for the dog that meant some healthy, tasty treats.”

The video led to sell out sales of Pooch & Mutt’s Christmas range.


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