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Scottish SPCA welcomes debate on illegal puppy trafficking

MSP Emma Harper led a Members’ Business debate today (Wednesday, 21 December) at Holyrood to highlight the practice of illegal puppy trafficking.

The SPCA has been leading a multi-agency fight to stop illegal puppy trading.

SNP MSP Emma Harper said, “The illegal farming and trafficking of puppies is an abhorrent breach of animal welfare and can also be linked to serious and organised crime. On both counts we should be taking action to tackle this issue.

“ I first became involved when I was approached by concerned constituents in Stranraer who told me about the puppy trafficking which has been taking place through the port at Cairnryan.”

“I want to do what I can to help, so I’m delighted to be leading a Members’ Business debate at Holyrood on Wednesday 21st December to highlight the extent of this problem, the action that a range of agencies and the Scottish SPCA in particular are taking to tackle it, and to start a real debate on what more we can do to promote animal welfare and make life as difficult as possible for the illegal puppy traffickers.

“I’m looking forward to the debate and to having the chance to draw public attention to this issue.”

Chief inspector John Chisholm said, “We are currently working alongside partner organisations in Operation Delphin to tackle the multi-million pound puppy farming industry including ISPCA, USPCA, DSPCA, RSPCA, HMRC Trading Standards, Stenaline, Police Scotland Port unit and APHA.

“When trafficked pups reach their new owner via the dealers they often develop diseases such as parvo virus and giardia. Often the young dogs die from these diseases which is extremely distressing for the owners.”

Anyone with concerns or information about puppy trafficking should call the animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

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