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Koi Carp given mouth-to-mouth after being attacked by vandals

Staff gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to fish after vandals smashed their tank in Colchester’s Castle Park.

The fish, who were being kept in a temporary container, were targeted with an unknown implement causing fourty-five fish to die, reports the Colchester Gazette.

Valuable Koi Carp, were killed during the attack with police making two arrests.

Maintenance work was being carried out on the Imola Garden Pond meaning the fish had been temporarily removed and placed into a holding tank.



A spokesman for Colchester Council said: “Thanks to quick-thinking park staff a number of fish were able to be saved.

“Staff even resorted to using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on some of the larger fish, which, along with the other survivors, were moved to holding tanks inside the park’s storage barn.”

Annie Feltham, cabinet member for leisure, told Colchester Gazette: “This was a mindless and sickening act of vandalism which has resulted in the deaths of a large number of fish in our care.

“I cannot begin to comprehend why anyone would carry out such a despicable act and think to spoil such a unique and well-loved feature within our wonderful park, killing defenceless fish who have given so much pleasure to visitors over many years.

“Had our park gardeners and park rangers not responded so quickly this morning, then we would have lost many more.

“I cannot praise them enough for their response in reviving some of the fish and quickly setting up new water tanks to contain the survivors.”

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