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Company provides rabbit only CPD

A company is providing rabbit specific veterinary CPD to qualified vets and nurses.

LagoLearn was formed to help try to re-address this balance and provide rabbit specific training to all veterinary professionals, including those who are still students and those who have already qualified.

Rabbits are currently the third most popular pet in the UK, yet the most misunderstood. They are classed as an ‘exotic’ species and have specific health and husbandry requirements that need to be met.

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The company claims that this also means that many veterinary professionals do not get much teaching time on exotics when they are students. With Mmany qualified vets and nurses not feeling confident treating rabbits due to a lack of knowledge and experience.

LagoLearn’s aim is to raise the standard of rabbit care in line with that of pet dogs and cats, both in the UK and Internationally.

It does this by providing a selection of training days that cover a wide range of rabbit related topics, from husbandry and diet to anaesthesia, dentistry, surgery and more.

These events comprise a range of lectures, small group teaching, case studies and practical/problem solving workshops that are presented by experts in their field.

This enables the delegates to receive the most up to date information and protocols as well as help them become more confident as they hone their skills.

The next event is on 13 th October 2016 at the beautiful Easthampstead Park in Berkshire.

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