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Global trade ban on African grey parrots

A ban has been set in place to stop the global trade in wild African Grey Parrots to help counter a decline in number.

The United Nations on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) decided on the ban as the species numbers have been falling due to trafficking and deforestation.

The bird is popular as its able to mimic human speech very well.

“Inclusion in Appendix I is in the best interests of the conservation of the species as it faces both habitat loss and rampant illegal and unsustainable trade for the international pet trade,” said vice president and head of the Wildlife Conservation Society delegation Susan Lieberman.


The African Grey Parrot, usually bred in captivity and sold as a pet, was listed on “Appendix II” in 1981, which includes species whose trade must be limited, reports Reuters.

Deforestation, poor regulation of trade and increased trafficking for the pet industry have led to the decline of the African Grey Parrot, once widespread across its natural habitat in central and western Africa.


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