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New Fluval EVO aquarium released

New from Rolf C. Hagen is the Fluval EVO aquarium which promises to make the marine hobby easier than even before.

The new Fluval EVO packs the same performance features as an aquarium several times its size, yet is small enough to fit on most desktops or counters.

It features 14000K reef-capable LED lighting, three-stage filtration system and seamlessly integrated hardware.

Customers can experience the 14000K High OutPut LED’s EVO’s fully integrated powerful and energy efficient LED lighting promotes and supports coral growth and colour in their aquarium, while the convenient touch start button gives the option of day or night illumination whatever time of day.

The tank features a multi-stage filtration EVO’s 3 stage filtration that allows water to pass through an efficient network of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. It then heats the water into a separate chamber and finally forces it back into the aquarium leaving crystal clear water.

Convenience is offered from a multi-functional canopy EVO’s canopy comes with a large easy-feed opening and a removable cover to the tank’s rear chamber.

The compact rear chamber provides customers with full access to the concealed filtration media, heater and protein skimmer without disturbing any tank inhabitants.

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