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Nutriment teams up with online supermarket

Pet food producer, Nutriment has joined Ocado’s with six of its core lines: salmon, chicken and lamb, beef, turkey, lamb and chicken sitting alongside the new Laverstoke offer.

According to sales director, Peter Nicholas, “the timing for such a mutually beneficial partnership couldn’t have been better for our coming­of­age pet food operation.

“We’re now at that point in our life when we needed to align with a forward­thinking retailer with a broad, nationwide reach. By working alongside such an esteemed online operator we saw a partner who could help us spread the raw story without compromising our commitment to a resurgent independent sector.”

This latest coming-of-age moment comes quick on the heels of forging enviable ties with Laverstoke Park Farm which has resulted in a brand new purpose­built facility, a new tier of ‘organic orientated’ pet food meals and a welcome foray into nutritionally indulgent pet treats.

Suzanne continues, “I feel that raw’s moment is now and the future success of superior, nutritiously ­dense pet food rests with the likes of well­ connected retailers like Ocado backing the right brands to take the raw story forwards, because still too many dogs are suffering in silence from bland, nutritionally vacant diets.”

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