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Pets at Home under-fire from dog owner

A dog owner has accused Pets At Home of leaving pet with ‘burnt testicles’ following a grooming mishap.

Kay Betson said she had noticed her dog, Woody, wasn’t his usual self and could not work out what was the matter after bringing him home, reports The Sun.

The mum-of-three from Gleadless in Yorkshire, said Woody was crying constantly and eventually the family took him to the vet where he was treated during an overnight stay.

The employee who carried out the close cut allegedly told Kay they had to put headphones in as the pup was howling so much – they did not realise they had hurt the dog.

Pets At Home say the dog suffered nothing worse than ‘clipper rash’ and have offered to reimburse her vets bills and expenses.

Kay told the Yorkshire Post: “I’d always taken Woody and his brother Ringo there to have their fur trimmed.

“When I went in the girl who was cutting his coat wasn’t the usual girl and she told me that because his fur was a little matted on one side she might have to cut it a little shorter than normal.

“When I came to pick him up she said to me that he had been more vocal today and she had to put headphones in.

“When we got him home for the first couple of hours he was fine and then rapidly deteriorated.

“He wouldn’t move, he wouldn’t eat and he cried constantly.

“A day or two later we took him to the vets because he wasn’t eating.

A spokesman for Pets At Home said: “Our groomers are all highly trained and will always put the welfare of pets first.

“We received Mrs Betson’s letter of complaint in November 2015 and responded immediately, requesting details of the treatment and costs incurred.

“We look forward to receiving the information requested so that we can reimburse Mrs Betson accordingly.”

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