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Pitches are well prepared for the Olympic Games

Seed from DLF is returning to the sports surfaces of Brazil for the second time in two years.

Following the success of the seed used at the 2014 World Cup, DLF has been chosen to help Brazilian groundsmen prepare their stadiums for the footballing element of the Olympic Games.

The pitch preparations include the venues hosting the women and men’s football and rugby-seven tournament. August is Brazil’s cool season, so turf preparations must overcome the grasses natural dormancy.

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Søren Halbye, CCO at DLF Group said: “We are proud to offer our grass seed technology for this major sports event. Based on the excellent pitch performance at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, we are confident that the pitch quality will fulfill the high expectations.”

DLF is working closely with the grass specialists and professional contractors responsible for the pitches in Brazil.

Alexandre Vieira dos Santos, part owner of Greenleaf Gramados, the company installing most of the pitches hosting the Olympics,added: “Our main challenge is to get all pitches looking good and into perfect shape during our winter season.

“Brazil is a huge continent and the logistic challenges of getting products from the North to the South are immense. Back in 2013 at the Confederation Cup, prior to the Word Cup in Brazil 2014, we identified the high-performing ryegrass mixture from DLF to have the best overseeding performance.

“The key features we consider are the best adaptability to different climate zones and a good shadow tolerance, which is critical given the architecture of the stadiums.

“The pitches will be under intensive pressure, some of them hosting 10 games during 10-14 days, so we cannot compromise on grass quality. ”

“Our professional groundsmen teams are very satisfied with the pitch preparations for the Olympic Games, and we can promise excellent grass pitches for the athletes for the 2016 Olympic Games.”



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