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Bucktons creates revenue for retailers with mixed pallet display

Bird expert, Bucktons, is helping to generate extra revenue for its retail customers with a mixed pallet deal on 3kg tubs of Wild Bird Suet Pellets.

Each pallet will arrive merchandised with 120 tubs of wild bird suet pellets featuring the new-look Bucktons wild bird food branding. Simply place in a key position in store.

Every pallet contains 60 Fruit & Berry Suet Pellet tubs, 30 Peanut & Mealworm Suet Pellet tubs and 30 Energy Suet Pellet tubs. The ratio has been carefully chosen based on the company’s data detailing popularity with consumers. Its branded pallet wrap display features an exclusive £10 offer for each tub (normally £10.99 RRP).

Kirk Rothwell, Brand Manager for Bucktons, said: “Our Bucktons Suet Pellet tubs were launched earlier this year to extend our popular wild bird suet range and the handy 3kg resealable tubs have certainly been popular with consumers.

“This mixed pallet deal featuring our new eye-catching branding, is a great way to attract the attention of UK households who feed wild birds every year, helping to generate extra cash through the tills for our retail customers.”

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