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Animal charity joins forces to stop cat killer

Cats Protection has created a useful advice leaflet in conjunction with Neighbourhood Watch and the RSPCA, advising owners on what to do if they think someone is acting suspiciously around cats in the area.

The leaflet was created after a number of high-profile incidents involving suspicious cat deaths in Croydon, Cheshire and the West Midlands.

As well as advice on how to prevent cats from becoming a target, it also includes information on working with neighbours to ensure that suspicious activity is noted and reported.

It is hoped that by encouraging communities to work together, it will dissuade anyone from harming animals in their locality.

There is feared to be up to three pet killers operating across the UK, with the most famous being the ‘M25 or Croydon Cat Killer’. Over the past two years the culprit has killed and mutilated a multitude of pets.

Peter Hepburn, Cats Protection’s chief executive, said: “We hope that if we can encourage neighbours by providing some simple advice on what to look out for, and what to do, then we can help to minimise future instances of cruelty towards cats.”


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