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Vets asked to watch out for domestic abuse

Vets are being asked to be vigilant with pets for signs of domestic abuse.

Research shows dogs, cats and other pets owned by victims of domestic abuse can also be abused by the perpetrator according to independent charity Crimestoppers,

A new crime-fighting campaign has been launched to urge vets, veterinary nurses and receptionists to be vigilant when it comes to dealing with or potentially identifying such cases, reports the echonews.

The campaign, which includes pocket cards and posters, was launched in Essex at the RSPCA Danaher Animal Home near Braintree.

Crimestoppers’ Essex committee’s development leader, Colin Dobinson, said: “If an animal has suffered abuse or non-accidental injury, it could mean that the family is at risk of violence or domestic abuse.

“Cases of animal or human abuse may not be common but it is vital that every opportunity is taken to help the victim – human or animal.

Veterinary teams may have an important role to play in what could develop into a complex investigation involving different organisations.

“Our pocket guide, along with the Animal Welfare Foundation’s ‘Comprehensive Guidance for the Veterinary Team’, will help vet teams take appropriate action when faced with a suspected case of non-accidental injury.”

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