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Euro partners reassure Beco it’s ‘business as usual’ despite Brexit

Despite the Brexit result, British manufacturer, Beco Pets, has been told by European distributors to expect “business as usual”.

The award-winning London-based firm exports to 43 countries. It has a network of more than 20 distributors across the EU.

George Bramble, Beco‘s co-founder and sales director, said the future was “still very bright for exporters” like his leading pet firm.

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George, who backed Remain, said: “We were all surprised by the result and a little saddened at Beco, but now we need to look to the future.

“We have over 20 European distributors, and we have touched base with them all saying “sorry we’re leaving”, and they have only been supportive and have strongly assured us that it will be business as usual for them.”

Beco has just staged the UK and European launch of its pioneering eco-conscious Food for Dogs, billed as being “better for your pet and better for the environment”.

Until now, George said it has been very easy to do business within the EU. “We hope this will continue,” he added, “but additional admin will be a certainty in processing orders.”

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