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‘Don’t buy fish on a whim’ warns OATA

Don’t buy fish on a whim after watching the new Finding Dory film, warns the UK trade body that represents the ornamental aquatic industry.

The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) is worried that the increasing nature of online sales could encourage impulse purchases of the fish made popular in the new Disney film without people doing the proper research and preparation they need before buying any new pet.

“Since Finding Nemo was released more than ten years ago the internet has changed the way people shop,” said OATA chief executive Keith Davenport.

Ornamental fish are beautiful, delightful, breath-taking animals. And like any pet they deserve respect and a lot of research before you take the plunge into ownership.

“Do it right and we’re sure people will be hooked by this hobby for life! But don’t just buy a regal tang like Dory or clownfish like Nemo from an online site on a whim and hope it will all work out. It won’t.

“We would expect any responsible retailer to be able to help with information on the care and welfare involved in keeping any kind of fish and to help customers to make the right decisions.

“Regal tangs are caught in the wild so we would encourage retailers to talk to their suppliers about where and how the fish are sourced.

“Fish caught sustainably from the wild can be an important source of income to vulnerable coastal and riverine communities across the world, encouraging them to conserve their environment because they get a long-term income from it.”

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