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Guinea pig found in filthy hamster cage

A guinea pig was found hurt and dumped in a small, filthy hamster cage near some bins on an estate in Hemel Hempstead, according to the RSPCA.

The boar was found dumped next to a lamppost and a rubbish area by a block of flats on Perry Green in the town by a member of the public, late in the evening on Friday, 20 May.

The young guinea pig has since been renamed Perry after the place he was found.

RSPCA animal collection officer Kate Wright said: “Guinea pigs are sweet and sociable animals that like company. To have been kept living in a tiny, bare hamster cage like this is inconsiderate and cruel.

“He was also left underweight with a nasty, bloody gash on his side that, according to the vet, was not a new wound and so this clearly had been left untreated by his owner. This could have got seriously infected and made him very sick indeed.

“It is really sad that people who can no longer care for their animals get so desperate that they just discard them in this way, as if they are a piece of old furniture that can just be dumped on the side of the road for someone else to deal with.

“We don’t know how he came to be in this position but being left injured out in the street like this is callous and cruel and we would really like to get to the bottom of what happened here.

“I run a small guinea pig rescue in my free time and so this poor little chap is staying with me at the moment. He was on antibiotics and I have had to nurse him back to good health but he’s on the road to recovery. He’s doing great right now, his wound has completely healed, and he’s eating very well – he’s certainly got an appetite and is a lovely little character!

“Perry has had a really sad start in life so my hope now is just that he will have a much more loving and brighter future.”

Anyone who has any further information on Perry contact o300 123 8018.

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