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Igloo Pet Products Ltd launches with new investment

Following a private investment, Igloo Pet Products Ltd is launching its new two-in-one Beauty grooming posts and Beauty mats.

The company hopes to provide a post that combines the two most important needs of a cat (after food and water), taking care of their nails and their coat.

The post section conditions the claws, stretches neck, shoulder and back muscles. Helps to relieve stress, encourages natural behaviour, allows them to leave their scent through their paws – stops them scratching furniture.

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The Beauty mat section removes loose hair – helping to prevent hair balls, stimulates blood flow – improving circulation, spreads the cat’s natural oils across his body, helping to keep a healthy skin and coat.

The Individual Beauty mats can be attached to existing scratching posts, cat furniture or home furniture legs – cleaner and hygienic; hair stays on the mat, is easily removed and can be washed in warm water.


Managing director Scott Charnock explains: “This new private investment allows us to move forward, to bring new innovative products to the market and expand our overall operation to include distributing new products from new players to the pet industry.

“We are delighted to be the distributer for the ‘Pet Weighter’ from Peak Pet Products ltd and are currently in negotiation with another three new companies to the trade that all have very unique products and we are really excited about the future for both the pet trade and Igloo Pet Products Ltd.”

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