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Overweight pets helped by Northwich vets

A campaign has been launched by Cheshire vets to help overweight pets lose some of their fat.

Abbeycroft Veterinary Surgery in Northwich has set up the county’s first weight management centre to combat  pet obesity.

The surgery in Station Road is Cheshire’s first practice to achieve approval as a Royal Canin approved pet weight management centre.

Around 60 cats and dogs have now embarked on their own tailor-made, weight watching journey with Abbeycroft’s head nurse Katie Hartnoll.

Katie, who has worked as a veterinary nurse for 13 years, said: “We are definitely seeing very overweight pets more and more and in most cases, it is nothing to do with owners not loving or caring for their animals. Often the reverse is true.

“It’s the relationship which owners have with their pets. They feel they are not providing enough love if they don’t reward them all the time with treats.

“One owner told me she was feeding her dog Viennese whirls every day and this seemed a loving thing to do because the dog clearly enjoyed it.

“They don’t need all the choice and they don’t look forward to a Sunday dinner like we do.

“The main thing is that we don’t want people to feel embarrassed or feel that they have failed if they have to come and see us.

Contact the surgery on 01606 40332 or email

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