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Free trial of new venison training treats

Veni-Dog products is offering its new VenPlus Training Treats free of charge to all pet shops and vets throughout the UK.

The pack consists of 6 x 100g tubes of VenPlus treats in an attractive display pack. Each pocket-sized tube contains approximately 240 low calorie venison-based treats that are ideal for training as well as being a hugely popular snack at any time.

The recommended retail price is £3.49 per tube.

Tony Davenport MD of Petcor Limited, the makers of Veni-Dog products said: “This is a premium product for those who want the best for their dogs. Made in the UK from human grade British venison, they are gluten-free, hypo-allergenic and suitable for dogs with food intolerances.

“They contain no artificial flavouring or preservatives. They are also glycerol-free.

“Existing stockists of Veni-Dog products have each been sent a free pack of the treats, with excellent results, and packs will now be supplied free of charge to all other pet shops and veterinary practices wanting to try them out.

“We are so confident of this new product that we are happy to have it tried and tested nation-wide at our own expense!

“In addition to the fact that dogs are crazy about them, VenPlus treats have real nutritional value, with low fat and low calorific content. VenPlus treats are made with freshly prepared venison from the Scottish Highlands plus selected nutritional additives, including ingredients for joint health.

“Give us a call or send us an email,” says Tony, “and we will be delighted to send you a free 6 x 100g pack of VenPlus Training Teats. Then simply display the shelf-ready pack and watch them fly out!”

Veni-Dog can be contacted at 01489 891933 or

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