Vale Pet Foods expands product range

Vale Pet Foods announced it has launched a number of new dog food products, including dry and raw food and a selection of treats.

The brand’s new dry food products include ‘Succulent Salmon with Vegetables’ and ‘Tremendous Turkey with Vegetables’, which contain several minerals, herbs and botanicals.

Its new treats range includes ‘Air Dried Duck & Ox Liver Training Treats’ and ‘Air Dried Turkey, Lavender & Chamomile Bedtime Treats’, which have been “designed with dogs’ dietary and wellbeing needs in mind”.

The group has further added to its products with a range of raw food recipes, including ‘Duck with Beef’, ‘Turkey with Salmon’ and ‘Duck with Tripe’. All recipes are made from 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal. 

Vale Pet Foods was established during lockdown by Luke Chapman. He reportedly recognised that a pet’s diet was an instrumental factor impacting wellbeing and behaviour, and wanted to produce food that “took a proactive approach to dietary needs and intolerances”. 

Luke Chapman, managing director of Vale Pet Foods, said: “Our new products have been a long time in the making. Lots of companies use low quality meat including meat meal and cheap fillers that don’t provide pets with what they need, so we have put every effort into ensuring our range contains only the very best ingredients.

“Getting the products ready for launch hasn’t been without its challenges during these unprecedented times. We are very proud that our hard work has paid off and we can finally bring them to market and ensure people can provide their dogs with all of the vital nutrients they need to thrive.”

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