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PIF calls on pet retailers to set animal welfare standard

The Pet Industry Federation has asked all licensed pet retailers to raise their standards on animal welfare and sign up to the Primary Authority scheme.

The call follows OATA’s announcement last week that only half of all local authorities are following the CIEH’s 2013 Model Licence Conditions for Pet Vending when undertaking pet shop licence inspections.

This means that many licensed pet shops are being inspected against criteria which falls well below current expected standards of animal welfare.

The Primary Authority scheme was developed to help cut red tape, and almost 500 pet retail outlets are already part of PIF’s Primary Authority scheme.

By joining these retailers and signing up to Primary Authority, PIF members opt in to be inspected against an agreed inspection plan, thus avoiding the whims of a gung-ho licensing officer or any illogical licensing conditions a local authority may have developed or chosen to adopt.

If members within the scheme have any difficulties with their licence, they can phone PIF for support, and, if the inspection plan is not being followed or is being interpreted wrongly, PIF will liaise with the City of London Corporation to offer Assured Primary Authority Advice, which the local authority cannot ignore.


Nigel Baker, PIF CEO said: “It’s now more crucial than ever before for licensed pet retailers to lead the way on this issue, and show their commitment to animal welfare by joining the Primary Authority scheme.

“This will send a clear message to local authorities that pet retailers are committed to acceptable standards of animal welfare and will force authorities to adopt the latest licence conditions.

“This can only be good for animal welfare and will also re-assure new pet owners that pet retailers have their pet’s best interests at heart.”

To opt in, please email or telephone the customer service team on 01234 273933.

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