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Independent retailers still undecided on Brexit/Bremain

More than a quarter of retailers haven’t yet made up their minds whether to vote to Brexit or to Bremain, according to a new survey among the 6,000 members of the British Independent Retailers Association (bira).

Asked the question that will be posed in the referendum, plus a third option (Don’t know) that will not be on the voting card, more voted to remain than to leave, but not by a decisive margin.

Nearly three in ten haven’t made their minds up – which makes for a fascinating run-up to the big day on 23 June.
Alan Hawkins, bira CEO commented: “Our survey shows that it’s all to play for. A momentous decision will be made on in the June referendum and our survey shows that many still have yet to make up their minds.

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“It will be fascinating to see how many more have come to a decision by the time of our conference debate and poll in just two weeks’ time.”


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