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RSA launches online pet insurance claims service

RSA Insurance group has introduced a new online system for pet owners to submit ongoing medication claims, aiming to make paying for claims easier, quicker and more efficient for both vets and pet owners.

The new system, being introduced to MORE TH>N, John Lewis, Tesco and Argos pet insurance customers, means that claim forms are no longer required. Customers can be paid directly for their pet’s medication using the system.

Vets no longer need to complete and countersign insurance claim forms for pets that require repeat prescriptions for ongoing conditions. Instead, customers can log on to the online portal and submit their veterinary invoices in a matter of minutes. After answering a few short authentication questions and confirming the details of the condition, the customer can upload the invoice and the process is complete.

For new claims for illness or injury, customers can also complete and download a claim form online. This will need the customer and vet to complete, but avoids having to call up for a paper form. Once the form is complete, customers will need to scan and email it to the insurer, along with any corresponding bills and notes – RSA hopes this will result in a quicker and more efficient way to manage pet claims, and a reduction on trips to the vets.

Andrew Moore, director of Pet Claims at MORE TH>N Pet Insurance, said: “We know that when an animal is sick or injured both the vet and the owner want to be able to help as quickly as possible. The new portal speeds up the process of a claim, meaning it is more efficient for both parties and ultimately, it means pets can be treated quicker.”

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