GA Petfoods uses warehouse automation at new site

GA Petfoods has announced it will use warehouse automation at its new site in Bretherton, Lancashire.

Daifuku, a warehouse automation specialist, has been awarded the contract to supply warehouse automation to the GA Pet Food Partners’ Ingredients Kitchen, a state of the art, high grade nutrition production facility.

As part of the project, Daifuku will provide stacker cranes in the larder and pantry storage areas of the food preparation plant which covers an area in excess of 20,000m2. Raw ingredients will be transported within the facility using Daifuku’s STV (sorting transfer vehicles) high speed pallet transport system.

The award of the project was the result of a close collaboration between Daifuku and GA Pet Food Partners during the initial planning of the project. Installation of the warehouse automation system will be complete later in 2018, with full production at the Ingredients Kitchen commencing in 2019.

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