Oralade donates new Hydrate+ hypotonic drink to London’s homeless dogs

Pet drink manufacturer Oralade has donated DOTS (Dogs on the Streets) its new hypotonic drink, Hydrate+ to help dogs in their care through the heatwave.

DOTS director, Michelle Clark, set up DOTS in March 2017 as a voluntary run, not-for-profit organisation. Helping the homeless community with dogs, DOTS runs weekly ‘street stations’ across London and nationwide.

With the charity’s mobile veterinary units, the team provides free veterinary care from routine check ups and vaccinations to dietary and behavioural advice. DOTS can now also provide biopsies, blood tests and emergency 24/7 care.

In the recent hot temperatures, DOTS was struggling to cope with the number of dogs with severe heat stroke symptoms and dehydration.

Encouraging dogs to drink, the unique hypotonic formula created by Oralade is packed with electrolytes, glucose and prebiotics, which helps to maintain digestive function. Its ingredients aim to nourish the mucosal barrier and improve nutrient uptake, whilst stimulating the micro-flora that promotes gut health.

This balances the serious effects of dehydration, which impacts overtime at a cellular level by starving dogs of oxygen, fluid and nutrients.

DOTS has already helped over 300 dogs living on the streets of London and further afield through their unique ‘static street stations’, and mobile veterinary support.

Director of DOTS, Michelle Clark, said: “We’re always looking for preventative support for the dogs in our care, and Hydrate+ has been one of the best donations we’ve received for exactly this. Living rough on London’s concrete takes its toll, especially in hot weather.

“We’re committed to doing the best for our dogs, and why wait for problems to arise, medication and vets bills? Hydrate+ has been so effective even lapped up by the poorliest dogs suffering in the extreme temperatures. It helped get them drinking and quenched their thirst quickly, and naturally.”

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