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Meghan Markle’s dog sparks ‘Beaglemania’

The Kennel Club has reported a 50 percent rise this week in searches for Beagles on its website after Meghan Markle was seen riding with one in a car with the Queen at last week’s royal wedding.

The surge in Beagle searches began the day after the wedding when search volumes increased by 42 percent and grew throughout the week.

The Duchess of Sussex’s dog, named Guy, is a rescued Beagle and The Kennel Club said searches for rescued Beagles increased by 133 percent on the day after the wedding and by Tuesday had increased up to 156 percent.

This is not the first time royal dogs have helped to find other dogs a new home: searches for Cocker Spaniels increased by almost 50 percent after Lupo joined the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s family.

The Kennel Club has warned however that people need to think the decision to rehome a dog through properly before acting.

Caroline Kisko, secretary at The Kennel Club, said: “The royal family have a huge media profile and so the choices they make are very influential, and this can be seen clearly in the increase in popularity of certain dog breeds who are featured with members of the family.

“The Duchess of Sussex rescued Guy from a shelter [rescue centre] after he was abandoned, which underlines how important it is that potential dog owners look beyond the obvious choices enjoying the media spotlight, and give a dog a home for life, by choosing the right one for their lifestyle. There are 220 pedigree breeds, each with their own distinct characteristics and care needs, so people can find the right fit for them.”

Clare Clark, rehoming coordinator, added: “It’s always incredibly sad when a dog comes in for rehoming and the media can have a huge impact on impulse buys and later abandonment.

“Beagles are wonderful, friendly dogs but they will also follow their noses anywhere so need to be kept under control, and have active minds so need a lot of stimulation to prevent them becoming bored and destructive.

“They won’t suit people who don’t have the time and the patience to train and exercise them, or who will leave them alone for long periods of time.”

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