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BSAVA Congress aims to help profession tackle challenges ahead

The puppy trade, Brexit and modernising animal licensing and inspection activities will form this year’s ‘Big Issues’ stream at the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) annual Congress on Friday 6 April.

The theme for the day is: ‘There is nothing permanent except change: change is constant and inevitable’ and the aim is to help the profession understand and tackle the challenges ahead. The stream focuses on areas currently undergoing change and the implications for the profession, while highlighting the impact on the wider societal landscape.

Speakers, including professor the Lord Trees, RCVS President Professor Stephen May, DEFRA’s head of Companion Animal Welfare Policy Team Andy Howarth and Paula Boyden, Dog’s Trust veterinary director will discuss how the profession can flex and adapt in the face of constant change.

Adrienne Conroy, BSAVA’s head of policy and scientific communication, has programmed and will chair the three panel discussions.

She said: “BSAVA plays a vital role in providing support and guidance across the small animal veterinary profession and Congress is an ideal place to discuss some of the challenging issues we face.

“Vets in practice are unlikely to escape an encounter with at least one, if not all, of the topics explored, so we’re proud to have speakers participating in the sessions who are leading the way in these areas. I am looking forward to the discussions as part of an ever-changing and evolving profession.”


9.15 – 11.00    The Puppy Trade: A Constantly Moving Target & the Role of the Veterinary Profession

11.15 – 12.30  Brexit – Challenges & Solutions: The Impact on the Veterinary Workforce

14.05 – 15.30  Modernisation of Animal Licensing and Inspection: Veterinary Opportunities & Challenges

Changes to pet travel rules have seen huge rises in cases of illegally imported dogs. The trade is worth nearly £13m in some regions and links to organised crime and tax evasion are not unheard of. The Prime Minister has pledged to introduce reforms.

In providing insights into the trade and the extent to which it infiltrates society, this session will seek to help vets understand the scale of the trade, the importance of their role in tackling it and how they can deal with scenarios encountered.

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