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TRIXIE increases warehouse space to 53,000 square metres

To keep up with growing demand, TRIXIE Pet Supplies in Tarp, Germany will be expanding its storage space. A new 26-metre high warehouse in silo structure is being created directly adjoining the company’s pre-existing Hall 11, which was completed in 2012.

The new warehouse is being built on a total area of 9,600 metres squared and will allow optimal use of the available surface area.

 Jan Petersen, head of intralogistics, said: “Our customers value our fast and flexible delivery capacity. As we have reached the limits to our capacity with our existing halls, the construction of a new hall ensures optimal product availability”.

The new, fully automated high-bay warehouse under construction will offer space for 39,000 pallets that are transported into the adjoining halls by means of conveyor technology.

The launch is planned for the beginning of 2018. At present TRIXIE has more than 400 employees. With the new hall, storage space will increase to about 53,000 meters squared.   

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