Cotswold RAW celebrates new partnership

Natural pet food producer Cotswold RAW has joined forces with Coldpress Juices, a fellow ‘free-from heat’ raw manufacturerColdpress produces ‘cold pressure’ juices that reject old school pasteurisation for HPP (high pressure processing).

According to Cotswold RAW co-founder Chris Brierley, “a social media alliance with an esteemed market leader like Coldpress is invaluable for a young brand like ours making its way.

“As with so many human food trends (raw, gluten-free, paleo, organic) they quickly find their way into the pet food arena, as we tackle common issues like obesity, allergies and bland, nutritionally vacant products. Like us, Coldpress is an underdog with momentum, that’s determined to make real waves in terms of advancing flavour profiles, aromas and nutritional balance.”

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In yet another show of ambition Coldpress has signed up professional chef and graduate of Birmingham College of Catering as the latest member of their expanding team following a promising three month trial.  

Alex, formerly of Hotel Indigo and Liberty Restaurants and events, will be tasked with supervising the preparation of the company’s Premium Raw Meals. He’ll help to develop the next generation of new recipes which will be arriving in the very near future.

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