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Purina launches natural dog food range

NESTLÉ® PURINA® has launched its first natural dog food range. BEYOND® is dry dog food brand made with selected natural ingredients.

BEYOND consists of two sub-brands, Simply 9 which contains nine selected natural key ingredients and the nutrient-dense Superfood Blend, with three different recipes.

BEYOND is a complete, balanced food that provides shoppers with simple messaging. Claims and key ingredients are explained on pack.

Amie Farrell, BEYOND brand manager, said: “We’ve seen considerable growth of a new pet food category that’s being driven by consumers wanting simpler messaging from brands and a two way dialogue, so it’s really exciting to be launching a brand that delivers this.

“We believe BEYOND will carve out a new space in the category, with its appealing and simple description of what goes into each bag – from the perspective of both ingredients and expertise. At PURINA, we’re proud experts in dog food and feel confident that this compelling offer allows us to meet a new consumer demand, whilst allowing key retailers to share the benefits.”

BEYOND launches nationwide this spring in grocery and specialist stores with an RRP that ranges from £9 for 2kg to £38 for 10kg packs.

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