MedicAnimal to microchip all UK staff ahead of April 6 deadline

Online pet supply retailer, MedicAnimal, has today announced that in line with the April 6 deadline, it will be microchipping all UK staff alongside their pets.

The move, which will affect MedicAnimal’s staff across the UK, is being taken in a show of solidarity with dogs owned by customers across the country.

Andrew Bucher, Chief Veterinary Officer at MedicAnimal, said: “Britain has long been touted as a nation of animal lovers, and MedicAnimal has decided to go the extra mile in proving our dedication to our customers by having all our staff microchipped.

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“With our survey data showing that 98 percent of dog owners think of their pet as a member of the family, it made perfect sense to extend the new Government rules on microchipping effective from April 6: our research really highlighted the extent to which humans depend on their pets to give them confidence in their relationships, and we hope that our microchipping will be a bonding moment.

“Any productivity boosts that come as a result of being able to constantly track and measure our staff are an added bonus.”

This story was posted on April 1.

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