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Tetra expands its range with new aquarium

Tetra has created a new starter package aquarium ideal for those wanting to take up fish-keeping.

The new Starter Line 54L aquarium includes the relevant equipment, feed and care products. This expands Tetra’s aquarium range to include an entry level price line to generate impulse purchases.

“To continue on the wave of success after the introduction of our latest Cascade Globe, Peppa Pig and Explorer aquariums we realised that there was a place for an entry level aquarium”, says Céline Rignault, trade marketing manager at Tetra.

“This led to the opportunity to expand to include the Starter Line, carrying the Tetra stamp of recognised quality and decades of trust. With this we believe that this low investment cost for new comers will attract new consumers to the fishkeeping hobby.

“Furthermore demonstrating how easy it can be to take part, which is why we have launched an aquarium which includes everything needed to get started.”

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