How much should pets drink? 45% of owners are unsure

45 percent of UK pet owners are not sure how much water they should give their pets to drink. In a survey carried out by pet products expert PetSafe® ahead of its Hydration Awareness month this July, 500 UK cat and dog owners were asked about their pet’s drinking habits.

70 percent of owners admitted they wouldn’t know how to tell if their dog was dehydrated and 51 percent believed panting – a sign the dog is too hot or anxious – was a sign of dehydration.

Over 40 percent of owners said they didn’t take water for their pets on long walks or car journeys. 42 percent of those surveyed also let their dogs regularly sip stagnant puddle water, which may be dangerous and can cause an upset stomach.

25 percent of dog owners said their pooch indulges in drinking tea and it was found that 25 percent of cats are given cow’s milk by owners who were unaware it could lead to health problems.

David Chamberlain, veterinary consultant for PetSafe®, comments: ‘The results clearly show that pet owners need to become more savvy when it comes to hydrating their pets and the types of liquids they allow their pets to drink.

‘Even losing just 10% of the body’s water can have serious consequences for a dog or cat and hotter weather, exercise and periods of illness can all contribute to water loss. It is vital to ensure that pets have access to clean, fresh water at all times, and make sure that they are drinking enough to keep them happy and healthy.’

An infographic outlining important facts and information on proper hydration is available on the PetSafe® website,

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