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Pets Corner Wins Best Retailer at RWAF Awards

Pets Corner has been named Best Retailer of the Year at the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund’s (RWAF) 2015 awards. The popular chain received the most nominations from RWAF members.

RWAF is Britain’s largest charity for rabbit lovers. The organisation is the combined effort of the Rabbit Welfare Association and its charity partner, the Rabbit Welfare Fund. It relies on education and communication to improve the lives of domestic rabbits throughout the UK.

Pets Corner uses training to ensure its staff only sell rabbits to knowledgeable, suitable owners. It has also signed up to the RWAF retailer charter, promising to sell large hutches and runs and making a long-term commitment to rabbit welfare.

Dean Richmond, Managing Director of Pets Corner, said: ‘I am extremely pleased to be honoured with this industry accolade for Pets Corner and all of the staff across the country. We put animal welfare before any other consideration at Pets Corner and it is amazing to have this recognised by such a respected organisation as the RWAF. We will continue to push the boundaries within our industry to constantly improve a pets’ lives.’

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