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NOAH Launches its 2015 Pet Health Campaign, the Happy Healthy Pets Project


The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) is setting out to create the biggest ever picture of UK pet health as part of its ‘I Heart My Pet’ 2015 campaign.

The ‘Happy Healthy Pets Project’ is part of NOAH’s ongoing I Heart My Pet campaign and will launch next week on NOAH’s site.

The ‘Happy Healthy Pets Project’ will be built around an interactive online gallery, where owners and vet and pet professionals can upload their own photos of happy healthy pets and where visitors will be able to search for images and independent healthcare advice on the particular pet species they are most interested in as the content grows. The aim of the campaign is to inspire owners across the country to prioritise pet healthcare, and to seek independent, expert advice on the subject.

As part of the campaign, NOAH has partnered with top wildlife and animal photographer Victoria Hillman to create five top tips to help all participants capture the perfect pet photo.

  1. Get on their level
    A great portrait always focuses on the subject’s eyes, so get down to eye level with your pet!
  1. Patience is a virtue
    Remember, this is a fun activity. Keeping your pet relaxed and in a natural environment can lead to capturing their best (and funniest!) qualities
  1. Turn on the light
    Good lighting is key, but avoid using flash! Your pet’s eyes are more sensitive than ours and you don’t want to startle them
  1. Play to their strengths
    You know your pet better than anyone else: their quirks, likes and dislikes. Use this intel to get a unique shot that shows off your special bond
  1. Get colourful
    Pics in colour can capture bright green eyes or a little pink nose – just make sure that background colours aren’t distracting and allow your pet to stand out

NOAH will be offering opportunities to get involved in the campaign throughout the year and will be actively seeking to work with the industry, requesting pet businesses to join in by encouraging their customers to submit photographs through @IHeartMyPetUK, by uploading them directly onto, or by emailing them to NOAH. Specially-designed posters, containing the five top tips will also be made available for display in their business premises.

Dawn Howard, Chief Executive of the National Office of Animal Health comments:

“We’re really looking forward to getting the campaign underway, having seen the fantastic levels of participation in photo-based activity for last year’s ‘I Heart My Pet’ campaign. This year, we’re aiming to taking things one step further by creating the biggest ever gallery of pet portraits in the UK with the help not just of Britain’s pet owners, but also of our pet businesses and their customers. The campaign is designed to use a simple, fun and familiar mechanic – taking photographs of our pets – to create interesting, engaging content but also to raise awareness of more serious healthcare messages.

“We’re delighted to have partnered with Victoria Hillman so that we can help make sure all pet owners know how to capture the perfect pic and to encourage as many owners and pet specialists across the UK as possible to get involved. We can’t wait to see the results.”

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