Stock Up On NEW Superior Bucktons Range

New Bucktons Superior Range

PIGEON fanciers are set to flock to retailers of the new Bucktons Superior Plus range, the latest scientific advance in pigeon food, by the Hull based company who offer a choice of wild bird products, information on how to enjoy the birds in your garden and expertise for wild bird enthusiasts.

The ground-breaking new range will be launched to 15,000 pigeon fanciers at the British Homing World Show of the Year later this month. It will also be supported by targeted consumer advertising in niche publications such as The British Homing World and The Racing Pigeon.

Rachael Dickinson, Senior Brand Manager for Bucktons, said: “After speaking to pigeon fanciers we recognised a need for a next-generation pigeon feed that used scientific developments to drive real innovation in this category.

“As a result we have developed Quorum Sensing Technology a scientifically recognised element unique to Bucktons which supports immune systems, using refined botanical ingredients to boost immunity and digestion, stimulate natural enzymes and prevent bacteria.”

All three new products in the Superior Plus range feature the patented Quorum Sensing Technology ingredient:

  1. Superior Plus Racer Low Protein Racing Feed – A low protein, high fat feed with no peas included.
  2. Superior Plus Racer Optimal Racing Nutrition Feed – Featuring a wide variety of ingredients for optimal racing performance.
  3. Superior Plus Breeder Feed – High protein feed, which supports growth and development.

Bucktons represents more than 50 years of commitment to the production of high quality pigeon foods providing optimum nutrition to meet the exacting needs of pigeons and their owners.

The mixes will officially be on sale from February 2015, so retailers have a few weeks to get stocks in.

For further information on stocking these new products, contact Richard Greenwood, Bird Care Sales Manager on 07976 490 341, or email

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