Recession Scarred Business Man Launches the Aquabrush and New Lease of Life!

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Keen walker and dog owner, James Koumis, 43, from Potters Bar in Hertfordshire, admits that ‘Instead of stepping under a train,’ when the recession took him to the brink, he has written a book and launched a new versatile cleaning product for pet owners.

Koumis conceived the idea and design and is now manufacturing the ‘Aquabrush,’ which is also receiving interest from many large retailers.

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He said: “My family and I do a lot of walking and as a result mud is always getting into the car and house.  I looked around for suitable cleaning products which were portable, easy to clean and eco friendly but couldn’t find anything suitable. I then thought up my idea and after three years of hard work, I developed the Aquabrush”.

Aquabrush is formed of a set of double action bristles fitted with a ‘pop up action’ nozzle which when opened allows the jet of water from the bottle to flow out and then can be closed again by clicking the nozzle back down. It is easy to clean as there are no electronics and is eco friendly as it is durable and re-useable.

Aquabrush Blue

Its thread size fits with any standard water bottle with a 28mm neck, it jets and seals itself so all that is needed is water. The brush is made in the UK, just outside Luton.

“It has been especially useful during the muddy autumn and winter months and as well as keeping the house and car clean, my dog has been benefitting from immaculate paws and a bit of a dog pedicure,” said James.

James’ invention was inspired after writing two self help books which helped him get his life back on track after nearly committing suicide when he had emotional and financial troubles.

He said:  “I had so many ideas, so many things I could offer but couldn’t find a way to get out of the negative mind-set I was in.  I didn’t really notice the depression developing over time. Luckily I pulled myself back from the brink and got inspired once more to become an Inventor and author.”

James then wrote his first book, The Family Who Are Living Their Dreams and his second, How To Live the Life You Deserve, aimed at helping other people who may be going through the same problems.

He explained: “We’re like little drones out there, not living our lives the way we could be. We have one chance and should go out and try to do the things we want to. If you genuinely have a passion for something, follow your heart.”

The Aquabrush can also be used for travel purposes, cleaning bikes, boots, sports kit, spot cleaning on carpets and in many multiple uses for different objects and different activities.

It comes in four different vibrant colours with a bag and micro cloth.

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“The brush is soft enough yet suitable for any paw size and will reduce any unwanted muddy prints in the car or house and also great for just brushing and grooming your cat or dog,” concluded James.

The Aquabrush has just been launched and is starting to be sold at garden centres throughout the UK but can also be bought through these websites:  or directly from the manufacturers at

For more information on James’s books and the Aquabrush, go to: 


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