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PATS Harrogate 2014 New Product Awards revealed

The winners of the PATS Harrogate 2014 New Product Awards were announced on September 14, 2014. Judging was carried out by a team of pet retail experts who arrived at the show before 8am on Sunday, September 14, in order to make their choices from more than 270 new products entered – a PATS Harrogate record. Their decisions were made taking into account a number of guideline criteria such as product innovation, design, quality, packaging and value for money.


The judges agreed that the New Product Showcase had produced a high calibre of entries with a tremendous amount of innovation. They were pleased to see such a wide range of products, and felt the majority of items on display were reasonably priced in today’s challenging economic times.

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Here is a full list of the winners together with the judges’ comments:



Beaphar Kidney Support Easy Treat

Entered by: Beaphar UK

Judges’ comments: This entry stood out because the judges hadn’t seen a product like this on the market before. It meets the customers’ needs, has a long shelf life and is well priced at £1.50.

Highly Commended

Whack-a-Mouse Interactive game

Entered by: 3P Enterprise



Robbie’s Grain Free Mixer

Entered by: Land of Holistic Pets

Judges’ comments: This was a clear winner and judges were unanimous in classing it Best in Show for innovation. There is nothing else like it on the market. It has quality packaging and customers can clearly see the product they’re buying. It’s adaptable, you can feed it to dogs alongside RAW foods and the price point is spot on.

Highly Commended

Canidae Grain Free Pure Formulas Dog Food

Entered by: Pedigree Wholesale/Canidae





‘Revive’ Pet Bed Refresher

Entered by: Dogs Dogs Dogs

Judges’ comments: This product is cleverly designed as it fits within the dog bed, ensuring the dog can’t destroy it. It lasts for 30 days making it good value for money, and it certainly meets a consumer need.

Highly commended

Artic Freeze Dog Toy from Hugs

Entered by: 3P Enterprise



Gloucester Seed Feeder

Entered by: Supa

Judges’ comments: This product stands out on the shelf and would make an ideal gift as it’s very colourful, quirky and appealing. It is also very well priced.

Highly Commended

Rainforest Cages Santa Monica

Entered by: Sky Pet Products



Mr Johnson’s Natural Forage Food for Rabbits

Entered by: Mr Johnson’s

Judges’ comments: As well being an outstanding product, which contains Verm-X, it is well packaged with clear nutritional advice for rabbits. It has a long shelf life, it can be stored easily and smells good.

Highly Commended

Wildlife Pond Mix

Entered by: Natures Grub




Hi-Viz Ultimate 2-in-1 Four Seasons Performance Dog Coat

Entered by: Danish Design

Judges’ comments: The 2-in-1 feature makes usage of this product multi-seasonal, and it fits round the whole dog, including its under-belly. It’s exceptional quality and great value for money.

Highly Commended

Pet Remedy

Entered by: Pet Remedy Battery Operated Calming Atomiser




Madra Mor Mobility Mud Treatment

Entered by: Christies Global

Judges’ comments: The whole range covers both the retail and professional market, making very versatile. It’s a unique product that smells nice, and has eye-catching packaging. It’s great value for money.

Highly Commended

Oatmeal Advance Shampoo

Entered by: Dorwest Herbs

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