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OATA issues advice on keeping tropical fish in unheated conditions

Aquatic trade body OATA has created new guidance to help retailers answer questions on whether tropical fish can be kept in unheated conditions.

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The advice document, which can be downloaded from its website under the Fishkeepers’ section, is there to help shop owners who may get asked by their customers about this issue.

The guidance lists the fish species which are not suitable for keeping in an aquarium that does not have a heater and those that may tolerate this, subject to certain conditions.

“We’ve been asked on a number of occasions about whether species that are generally regarded as tropical should be kept in unheated aquaria,” said chief executive of OATA Keith Davenport. “The species under consideration are usually described as tropicals but may be described as temperate because they can live quite happily at lower temperatures than would normally be found in heated aquaria.”

He continued: “To help with those questions from hobbyists, we’ve written the guidance document for retailers to give the best advice when asked.”

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