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New 24 hour animal hospital opening in Camberwell

Dave Cuffe and Cuffe Vets, a Clapham staple for the last 21 years, has announced plans to open a 24 hour animal hospital.

The company said: “We’ve seen clients rush in at 8:45 in the morning, hoping to be seen immediately so they can still make it to work, or ring in at 6:45 to cancel the last appointment because their train is delayed or the cat has suddenly vanished.

“On Saturdays, they encounter a skeleton service with some cases inevitably delayed until Monday and out-of-hours services that tell people to wait to see their own vet in the morning. 

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“The reality is, our pets don’t keep office hours. So we won’t either.”

The London Animal Hospital at Kenbury Works on Coldharbour Lane, in Camberwell will open on 10 April, 2017. It plans to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Morning consultations will start at 0700 and the last evening consultation will finish at 2100. A team will be on-call until the morning. The night team will overlap with the day team, ensuring that every animal will receive full attention at all times.

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