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Campaign launched to celebrate working dogs

A PetNet-led campaign celebrating the work undertaken by dogs will launch in September.

Titled ‘Celebrating Empawees’, the campaign is a chance for all exceptional dogs from police dogs to assistance dogs, to receive recognition from the PetNet community and beyond.

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Lee Greatbatch, who represented Team GB at the Paralympics in Beijing, said: “The constant presence of my guide dog Darby has helped me reach the point in my sporting career where I am able to represent my country and show myself for my abilities and not my disability. The work of assistance dogs is hugely appreciated by their owners but I am delighted that PetNet’s campaign will help publicise the fabulous work of these amazing animals to a wider audience.”

Celebrating Empawees will be showcased on, with the first 30 dogs to feature in the campaign receiving a goody bag from Royal Canin.

To nominate a dog, email with the dog’s name, owner’s details and an overview of the dog’s role.

Image: Lee Greatbatch and Darby.

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