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Petition for better protection for rabbits

Hon Caroline Spelman is petitioning to have the law changed so that better protection is provided for rabbits.

According to the RSPCA rabbits are the most neglected and, according to the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWF), the most abandoned animal in Britain.

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35,000 rabbits were abandoned in 2011, a number expected to rise this year because of the animals’ growing popularity.

Rabbits’ increasing popularity is causing problems with their welfare, as bunnies are being taken from their mothers too early (at four weeks old rather than the recommended eight weeks) to meet demand.

The petition calls for breeders to be inspected and licensed, and for rabbits to be provided with a sizeable run, adhering to RWF standards, attached to their hutch.

For more information and to sign the petition visit:

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