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Mr Fothergill’s launches improved displays in 2017 retail range

A new, striking presentation from Mr Fothergill’s will reach retailers in 2017. Next year’s retail range aims to help stockists maximise their floor-space and improve turnover and profit.

Eye-catching new header and footer boards will draw attention to larger seed collections. These can sit alongside those of sister-brand Johnsons, or stand alone.

The no-construction, wooden display unit is supplied free on loan to any customer ordering Garden Time products with a trade value of £349 (ex VAT) or more.

The company’s suggested collection is one outer each of the four Windowsill Kits, one of both Chilli Kits, one of Herb Grow Kits and Pesto Kits, and two outers of Munakuppis. The packaging has been designed to have great on-shelf impact.

The RSPB seed range which was launched in 2013 continues to prove the effectiveness of cause-related marketing, and the unit’s header board for the new season informs gardeners that more than £25,000 has so far been raised for the wildlife charity.

For more information on how Mr Fothergill’s can boost stockists’ profits, telephone 01638 554111, log on at or e-mail

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