Charity urges public to report snare traps

Animal welfare campaigns charity, OneKind, has urged members of the public to report any snares they find while out walking.

The Scottish charity said it has “long campaigned” for a ban on the use, sale and manufacture of traps. It is now calling walkers to report snares or snaring incidents to its  snare awareness website, SnareWatch.

OneKind describes snares as “cruel traps” used to catch predators, such as foxes, as well as gamebirds. It warns that the traps are “indiscriminate” to species, and have been known to catch pet cats and dogs, as well as deer and badgers. 

OneKind director Bob Elliot said: “Snares are cruel, indiscriminate traps that, literally, originate from the Stone Age, and that’s where they belong. 

“These traps inflict considerable physical and mental suffering upon the animals caught in them, and if an animal panics and attempts to set itself free, the snare may tighten around them, leading to injury or death.”

He added: “We urge anyone out walking in Scotland to take photos and report any snares or snaring incidents to us so we can establish the true reality of snare use in our countryside, and the suffering these outdated traps are having on our beautiful wild animals.

“OneKind has long campaigned for a ban on the sale, manufacture and use of snares in Scotland and our petition for a ban on snares and other traps is currently being considered by the Scottish government.”

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