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22% of pet owners regret choosing their pets breeds, study finds

More than a fifth (22%) of pet owners have regretted choosing their pet breeds, according to research by Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance.

The study found that 31% of pet owners regretted getting a pet because they didn’t have enough time to look after the animal, 18% turned out to be allergic to the pet and 16% “didn’t like their pets personality”.

The study also revealed that more than half of cat and dog owners don’t research their pet’s breed before ownership and only 18% spent more than a week researching the right breed for their lifestyle.

More than a fifth (22%) of pet owners have rehomed an animal and dog owners are more likely to regret their pup (26%) compared to cat owners (16%).

TV vet, Dr Scott Miller said:“I am saddened to hear that so many pet owners are regretting the animals they have chosen as companions. Dogs and cats come in all shapes and sizes, and have different temperaments.

“Looking after a pet is a huge commitment so it is important that people undertake adequate research before buying a pet to ensure it is a happy experience for you and the animal.”

He added: “If a pet owner is struggling to look after their animal, I urge them to speak to a professional for advice. The Sainsbury’s Bank Pet Insurance website also includes top tips for each dog and cat breed on how best to care for these incredible creatures.”

The study found half of people (50%) decided to get a pet for companionship and 38% because a pet can offer “unconditional love”. Some pet owners admitted getting a pet breed because it had either appeared in a film or a celebrity owns them (5%).

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