PetsPyjamas partners with PawSquad to offer vet advice

Dog-friendly holiday company PetsPyjamas has partnered with vet advice line PawSquad, to offer 24/7 advice services.

The advice is activated via supplying a booking reference number, and is live for the duration of the visitors stay, and can be managed by PawSquad’s app. The user is them put in contact with a qualified veterinary professional to go over any health issues, and can upload images and participate in a text or video chat.

The complementary service is intended to provide reassurance to pet owners on the go and help avoid an unnecessary and costly emergency trip to the vet, which is normally priced £20 for a one-off online consultation.

Denise Elphick, co-founder, PetsPyjamas said: “Being at the forefront of dog-friendly holidays since 2014, we provide all the barks and whistles of a truly dog-friendly stay. However, as with humans, we understand that dogs can sometimes be under the weather when travelling, which always feels more stressful away from home.

“Our new partnership with PawSquad is designed to give pet owners peace of mind and health expertise in the event of a sick pet, so the family dog included can soon return to R and R and holiday fun.”

Dr Mark Boddy, CEO, PawSquad, added: “Having a vet in your pocket, day and night can be very reassuring. Whether you are enjoying a dog-friendly holiday with PetsPyjamas in the countryside, by the coast, in the UK or abroad, our experienced vet team are ready to answer your concerns.

“You can connect through our website or smartphone app and be talking to a vet within seconds. If your pet has suffered an injury or you are concerned about some unusual behaviour or symptoms, our vets are here with the professional advice and reassurance you need to manage it the right way.”

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