Vet helps raise lungworm awareness

A vet at Wombourne and Gornal Veterinary Centres has been helping raise the public’s awareness of Lungworm, following a recent case that was very nearly fatal for a family’s pet dog.

Vet Kal Kyuranov MRCVS appeared on BBC regional news programme Midlands Tonight to help highlight “how nasty lungworm is but how simple it is to protect your pets from it”.

When Kyruanov examined the dog called Bear, it was clear that he was ill and his stomach was full of fluid and blood. He needed an emergency operation to drain it. During the emergency operation, he realised that Bear had a serious lungworm infestation.

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Lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum) is a parasitic worm that can be carried by dogs and foxes. Despite its name, the lungworm parasite resides in the heart and blood vessels of an infected animal where it lays eggs that get carried to the lungs. If a dog becomes infected, it can make them very ill and, quite often, proves to be fatal.

Kyuranov said: “I am very grateful that Bear survived and that I have been able to help raise awareness of Lungworm risks in our area I will continue to promote the prevention of this horrible disease.”

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