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Three workshops for sales personnel selling to retail buyers

This autumn, the Knowledge Exchange Programme features three one-day workshops under the banner of ‘Enhancing Sales Skills’ – open to both GIMA members and non-members.

Created in association with Cedar Associates, the three workshops are open to all sales personnel, and are designed to optimise sales opportunities.

The first workshop entitled ‘Managing Time and Creating Selling Opportunities’ (6 October, Stratford Garden Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon) will focus on identifying where workloads comes from and how it can be managed to an achievable volume, as well as trying to understand why people buy, what inhibits them, and how to create needs.

The second workshop (17 November, Stratford Garden Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon) ‘Developing Sales Skills’, will arm attendees with ways to explore how to make better use of available data and records to maximise business, as well as helping to better understand buyers needs and parameters to develop a compelling sales presentation. Future trends will also be addressed, ensuring attendees stay ahead of the curve.

The final workshop, ‘Negotiation Skills’ (14 December, Stratford Garden Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon) will look at ways that delegates can develop rapport, as well as creating the climate for a negotiation. The power of Concessions, the Dual Concern model and negotiation tactics will also feature within this workshop’s content.

Vicky Nuttall, GIMA director said: “From refreshing existing knowledge, to creating a strong basis to start your career in sales, the forthcoming workshops will cover all aspects of selling. From time management and communication strategies, to positive negotiations, and matching customer needs with the right product or service, each workshop will offer tangible advice that can be implemented quickly and effectively to help generate long-term profitability and strong ties with both suppliers and consumers.”

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